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There is a secret sauce for doing business in the digital age— rich media encapsulated by digital assets pervade all aspects of today’s digital experiences and must be managed effectively. As a mobile shopper, you might want to buy a sweater on your smartphone. A set of detailed photos (with magnification capabilities, 3D rotation, and a color pallet) replaces the see and touch of brick-and-mortar merchandising. As a business decision-maker in a real estate management company, you might be concerned about installing solar panels on a series of warehouses across the Southeastern United States. A pithy video from a trusted source can answer many of the questions you might have. The list of examples goes on. Whether you are a shopper, business decision-maker, or anybody else looking for goods, services, answers to questions, or most anything else imaginable over the web, the one thing you don’t have is a lot of time. Photos, images, video clips, 3D items, and other types of rich media are all part of the mix to communicate the essential information you need to make a decision, take action on a task, and/or become more informed. You expect to access just the right information, engage the experience, and move on.
And if you are the marketing manager for a new line of sweaters or an industrial solar design expert intent on answering questions from business decision-makers, you and your organization have little time for the repetitive drudgery and inefficiencies of manually managing rich media assets. When attention spans shrink and the speed of doing business in the digital age accelerates, you must get control of and then effectively manage all of the rich media you rely on to deliver your high-value digital experiences. It all begins with having a single source of truth for managing these many types of digital assets.



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