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Whether your target audience relies on smartphones, tablets, or PCs, omnichannel delivery capabilities are a key requirement for a modern WCM platform. You must be able to easily deliver information that your customers, partners, and employees find relevant—via their preferred communication channels. Of course, managing web content is not a new challenge. Years ago, marketing and brand managers added this technology to create, maintain, index, and update content on company websites. Many organizations invested in a WCM system to alleviate dependence on IT, so that non-technical staffers could manage websites on their own. Now that your web channel has grown in importance, you are staking your claim in the digital marketplace. The amount of information you produce is increasing exponentially, and business teams across your organization expect to contribute content. Branded experiences can include an array of content—from rich media seamlessly blended with text-based articles, to images, sound clips, and video streams. There is a need to integrate information from external enterprise applications, and you must also be able to syndicate content to your channel partners, where your information seamlessly appears on their websites. The ways you produced content in years past just won’t work anymore. You have to modernize how you manage and distribute content across multiple devices and business situations



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