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there’s one thing about personality, we could say that it is decidedly human (leaving all the charms of dogs and parrots aside for the moment). And if there’s one thing about technology, then we could equally say that it is decidedly inhuman.

Branding for technology companies is all about injecting humanness into tech.

And this is important because, unlike other sectors where there tends to be plenty of occasion for human interaction, the modern technology company often exists almost entirely online, with users simply interacting with a website over the whole time that they are customers.

Tech companies, as such, can tend to forgo a true branding strategy in place of focussing on improving the technology on offer, delivering additional feature sets, or improving the price-performance of the product. These can all be deemed as short-term product marketing tactics, whereas brand building is a strategy that looks to the long-term, with the ultimate purpose of gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Why is this so important for tech companies? Because of the very nature of the technology industry.

The fast-changing pace of technology means that, although your solution might very well be the best on the market today, tomorrow, another company could bring out something that’s even better – and your offering quickly becomes obsolete as a result. However, strong branding – and by this, we mean strong branding of the company as opposed the actual product – is what is going to give your business a chance of long-term growth and survival.

Good branding adds real, tangible value to the technology solutions that you’re selling, and indeed, when all’s said and done, it’s the brand to which customers stay loyal, for, in all likelihood, there are plenty of other similar solutions to yours that they could be doing business with instead.


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