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With all this tech we use today we have created a world where there is very little reason to lift our butts off the couch, fight freezing cold or boiling hot weather conditions, to buy products that we need, want, desire or even think might need.

So why is it that so many humans who sell products or offer services, are still so hesitant to be part of this global network. I have come across tons of people who have that “I will get a website next month” or “I have a page on Facebook” mentality.

What are they waiting for? Let’s look at the protentional losses you face by waiting “one more month” or thinking that just one social media platform is enough.

  • Without digital media, you are losing 100’s of new clients/customers daily.
  • If anything changes within your company – say, your contact number, without digital presence this could take hours if not days to relay to your clients once again resulting in the loss of current or potential new clients.
  • The internet is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Without digital media can you offer your clients the same?
  • More and more people are using a blog to promote their business. In fact, research shows that Businesses That Blog Get More Traffic.

Be online, be accessible from anywhere in the world and not just to the footpath in front of your shop.

Having a website for your business is not just an advantage; it’s an essential way to protect your business brand online. Here at Liquid Binary, we strive to increase your sales and make your brand know by creating, sensational media that stands out in the digital world.

A successful business without a good site is next to impossible. Therefore, your website can never afford a skip or a miss.

Written by Kim Siemens – A proud team member of Liquid Binary

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